Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Youth Guest Blogger: Damein

August is all about confidence.  There are so many different ways to practice, explore, and learn about fostering confidence, but HALO's favorite way is to accept, love, and support everyone that stays true to themselves.  Our special guest youth blogger, Damein, knows all about the importance of supporting everyone, no matter how different they may be.   

"Today my blog is about supporting equality. Since I was younger my mother always told me “accept everyone for who they are for none shall be judged by any other human” that saying has always stuck with me all my life and today I want to share with you. Today I want to ask you what you think? halo accepts me for who I am not just by looking but knowing. The path I have chosen will have its difficulties here, and there, but it doesn’t help if those who are against push and tell me I can’t be who I want. I know that my friends, peers, and mentors all believe in me and what I support, because of the challenges I’ve been through are more than what you can imagine I’ve had suicidal thoughts and attempts because those around me don’t accept me, but since 2010 I have changed I am my own person and I conquer and achieve more task than ever in my life. I am here to tell you that whoever you are you can change the world and make it a better place as I have tried and I am still trying. Halo is supporting my goals and I am supporting theirs. Now it is your turn to decide whether you will help or not."

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