Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Youth Art Blog: Funny Ladies Making Funny Art

One of the best parts of our weekly Improv workshop is watching the youth (ages 7 - 13) from Operation Breakthrough start to get more and more adventurous during our classes!  Not only do we play tons of fun Improv games like Cat Needs a Corner, Taking Stage/Giving Stage, Telephone, etc., but we also have a hands-on art project that complements each lesson.  A couple of weeks ago our silly project/game combination involved making popsicle puppets and choosing a goofy noise to accompany them.  Then, once we glued and glittered and taped and colored on our puppets, we stood in a circle and "passed" our silly noises on to our neighbor, who passed it to her neighbor, who passed it to her neighbor... well, you get the picture!  It was an awesome game to help everyone loosen up and prepare to get loud and crazy for our next game:  Noisy Symphony!  With our volunteer instructor as the conductor, each youth shouted (or whispered!) their puppet's noise based on the conductor's instructions.  We're pretty sure the whole building heard our crazy "music!"  Check out a few of our puppets below:

A duck that BARKED!

A lady that giggled
A Bunny/Button Monster that went "RAWWRR"

A horse that neighed

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