Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Long-Term Workshop Spotlight: Yoga

We are excited to highlight our Yoga Long-Term Workshop today on the blog. Thanks to Victor from Darling Yoga, HALO youth have the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops, which introduce them to yoga and allow the youth to explore yoga’s great benefits. It is inspiring to see the youth try something new, push themselves, and find success during the workshop. While yoga has great physical benefits, we love the emotional benefits that are possible with yoga. The class ended with a relaxation and restoration period where youth had the opportunity to reflect on their practice and thoughts. We look forward to seeing the youth grow and excel in this workshop over the next month. Namaste!
Also, be sure to join us for the ArtReach Auction this Friday. Watch the video below to learn more about the youth HALO supports from the money raised at the auction!
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Exploring Self-Discipline Through Tape Art

Last week, HALO youth practiced February’s life skill of self-discipline while creating tape art masterpieces! After setting goals in January, we discussed how practicing self-discipline is key to achieving these goals during the year. While creating the tape art paintings, HALO youth had to practice self-discipline by creating precise designs, trying a new artistic practice, and by having patience while they waited for the paint to dry. We love the designs that the HALO youth created and are looking forward to exploring self-discipline in other ways as we close out the month.
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

HALO Youth Create Valentine’s For Children’s Mercy

This week, the HALO youth were busy making Valentine’s for children at Children’s Mercy Hospital. After hearing a commercial on 99.7 The Point asking for homemade Valentine’s to be distributed at Children’s Mercy, we knew that this would be an excellent opportunity for the HALO youth to contribute to their community. We love any chance where the youth can use art to help others and we know these sweet cards will bring some smiles to the children at Children’s Mercy. We hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day and remember to spread love and kindness every day of the year.
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Preview!

As February begins, the HALO Learning Center is excited to shift our focus to our new life skill of the month: self-discipline. Self-discipline is defined as “the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses.” We are looking forward to exploring this life skill with the HALO Youth and reflect on how self-discipline can help us reach our goals. This week, HALO Youth practiced self-discipline while assembling fleece pillows. The youth will continue to explore this skill in February as they create pointillism paintings, origami, and tape art.
We are also thrilled to announce our exciting Spring 2014 Long Term Workshops. While Cosmetology is already in full swing, the rest of our workshops kicked off this week. The HALO Youth have the opportunity to participate in Yoga, Improv, Woodworking, Interplay, Education, and Finance Workshops. Endless thanks go to our amazing volunteers and their commitment to empowering the HALO Youth.
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