Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Youth Guest Blogger: Damein

August is all about confidence.  There are so many different ways to practice, explore, and learn about fostering confidence, but HALO's favorite way is to accept, love, and support everyone that stays true to themselves.  Our special guest youth blogger, Damein, knows all about the importance of supporting everyone, no matter how different they may be.   

"Today my blog is about supporting equality. Since I was younger my mother always told me “accept everyone for who they are for none shall be judged by any other human” that saying has always stuck with me all my life and today I want to share with you. Today I want to ask you what you think? halo accepts me for who I am not just by looking but knowing. The path I have chosen will have its difficulties here, and there, but it doesn’t help if those who are against push and tell me I can’t be who I want. I know that my friends, peers, and mentors all believe in me and what I support, because of the challenges I’ve been through are more than what you can imagine I’ve had suicidal thoughts and attempts because those around me don’t accept me, but since 2010 I have changed I am my own person and I conquer and achieve more task than ever in my life. I am here to tell you that whoever you are you can change the world and make it a better place as I have tried and I am still trying. Halo is supporting my goals and I am supporting theirs. Now it is your turn to decide whether you will help or not."

Youth Art Blog: Respecting Diversity Puzzles

In July we had two awesome workshops about Respecting Diversity that we'd love to share with you!  Both the reStart Family Shelter and the reStart Youth Emergency Shelter created Diversity Puzzles to explore the theme of respect and how it relates to different types of people. The youth first created their own beautiful puzzle piece and then we connected them all together to enjoy how awesome they all looked together.  Check out all of our photos!

reStart Youth hard at work!

reStart Youth Emergency Shelter Puzzle

reStart Family Shelter's Puzzle

Guest Youth Blogger: Damein

This week we have a real treat for you! Our guest youth blogger, Damein, is going to teach you how to make a cute, upcycled Duct Tape Purse.

“Wow, the Halo Foundation really did it! They made me a Junior Intern. Since I’ve become a junior intern I’ve had a lot of jobs, like helping with the developing of fashion accessories and products to sell, And posting to the Halo Youth blog.  The internship helps me learn to become a better employee and leader.

Instructions for Duct Tape Purse:
1.First cut 20 strips of 10 inch duct tape (same tape color or different)
2.Next, lay 10 strips out in a row next to each other
3. tape down across all the ends
4. begin to weave opposite tape strips up and down in and out of strips of tape that are taped down.
5.when you are done weaving, lay tape across other ends to secure woven strips
6.then place tape on both left and right side to secure woven tape in place
7.then pull up all your tape very carefully and wrap sticky side of tape around the outside perimeter
8.then fold your woven tape in half and tape both left and right sides
9. then cut a piece of duct tape 20 inches and fold in half, attach to the inside corners to make a strap!

All Done, you now have a super cute recycled/upcycled fashion accessory!

Independent Swag 2013

The HALO Learning Center can hardly believe that it's almost time for our annual Independent Swag Fashion Show!  The youth have been hard at work all summer preparing for this awesome event and we'd love to see you there!

What: A night of fun and funky style put on by our HALO Learning Center youth who have been creating the elements of the show during summer workshops.  Valerie Mayen from Project Runway Season 8 will be collaborating with the youth along with design contributions from Sike Style, Kate E. Burke, and Cartwheel.  Hair and beauty preparations will be done by Paul Mitchell.  The night will also feature entertainment from local band Drew Black and The Dirty Electric, along with youth DJing and performances. 

When: August 9th from 5-9.  (Cocktail hour from 5-6, fashion show from 6-8, Freddy's Frozen Custard sundae bar with an optional cocktail hour following.  

Where: The Living Room (1818 McGee, Kansas City, Missouri 64108)

How: Get tickets for $25.00 each HERE!

Check out our Facebook page HERE!

We can’t wait to see you!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Check out HALOresources.org!

HALOresources.org has been an incredibly important part of connecting with our youth outside of our workshops and recently it’s gotten a little bit of a makeover!  HALOresources.org now not only focuses on providing awesome resources for our youth, but it also contains useful information for volunteers, potential interns, and anyone interested in learning more about The HALO Learning Center.  Check it out to learn more!

HALOresources.org homepage

Information regarding HALO's volunteer needs

Donation Wish-Lists