Wednesday, November 18, 2015

HALO Holiday Wish List!

The HALO Learning Center - Kansas City is gearing up for the annual HALO Holiday Party on Dec. 16th! The Holiday Party is always a fun time for HALO staff, volunteers, and youth to get together and make holiday crafts, decorate the HALO tree, and maybe eat a christmas cookie or two.


The HALO Learning Center also gives each youth a gift to open at the party, to really get them in the holiday spirit. This gift usually consists of items that the youth really need, such as hygiene products, socks, or cold weather gear, like mittens and hats. There's usually always a fun item as a gift, too, like nail polish or ear buds.

This year, HALO would like to continue the tradition of gift-giving at the Holiday Party, and we can use your help! If your family, school, or group would like to help purchase or host a drive for the youth's gift items, please contact the HALO Learning Center Director, Carly Manijak, at 816-590-4493 or at . Interested individuals could gather or host a drive for the following items to be given to HALO youth:
  • Cold weather accessories (hats, gloves, scarfs) - adult sizes or one-size-fits-all, please 
  • Socks - adult sizes, please (socks can be rolled, and youth can grow into them and keep them for longer periods of time) 
  • Toothpaste
  • Body wash (men's and women's scents)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Deodorant (men's and women's) 
  • Wal-Mart or fast food gift cards
  • Gum
If there is another item or gift that you would like to collect and give to HALO youth, feel free to mention it when calling! 

The HALO Learning Center is excited for another festive season, and for another opportunity to make a difference in the lives of homeless and at-risk youth. Join us in making the holidays merry and bright for HALO youth! 
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

HALO Learning Center "Dream Journals" Class Used as Art Credit for Area Alternative High School

The HALO Learning Center - KC is excited to have a new partnering organization and a new opportunity in working with Fairfax Alternative High School of Kansas City, KS! 

Students at the alternative high school can choose to work towards completing their art credit requirements by coming to the HALO Learning Center. The "Dream Journals" art class offers future-focused, therapeutic lesson plans while trying out a different art medium each week. 

This past week, the youth learned about and experimented with watercolors while making their "'I Am' Fingerprints" project! After discussing the three main types of fingerprints, students looked at their fingers to see which type they had the most of. From there, the youth used watercolors and pencil to create the outline of their own fingerprint. Then, on the lines of their fingerprint, youth wrote all about themselves, beginning the sentences with "I am…". Students were informed to focus on and write about the positives of "I am…" (dreams, talents, personalities, relationships) instead of what they are not (past mistakes, negative things that others say about them, stereotypes). This was a great introspective exercise for the youth, and they had to learn about all the ways to manipulate watercolors! Check out the gorgeous finished products below: 

Both of these youth have "whirl" type fingerprints, and love the color blue! 

Very colorful prints, and very careful planning. 

Almost finished!

A very creative spin on the project. 

Why stop with just fingerprints when you can print your whole hand? 

A youth writing out her "I am…" carefully.

Just getting started with this fingerprint - what great color! 

This youth included some great future-focused goals on his "I am…" lines. 

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Professional Development is Back!

The HALO Learning Center - Kansas City has been so excited to have another semester of its Professional Development course in full swing this fall season. For eight weeks, HALO youth will learn about everything from Workplace Etiquette to Interview Skills, all with the help of community professionals as teachers.

This past week, HALO was fortunate enough to have Bluescope Steel, Inc. as our guest instructors! Bluescope even invited the Professional Development students over to their offices for a tour and a change of scenery for the class. Some of the topics the youth learned about were professional communication, conflict resolution in the workplace, and social media professionalism.

HALO-KC cannot thank our friends over at Bluescope enough for this amazing learning opportunity for our youth!

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The agenda for our night of Professional Development at Bluescope, Inc.! 

An HR representative from Bluescope gives HALO youth information on communication in the workplace. 

One of the activities for the night - goal-setting and how to stay focused!