Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wrapping Up Our Summer Semester!

July is drawing to a close, and that means it’s time to wrap up HALO’s Summer Semester!
HALO offered many great classes in a wide variety of areas. These classes included Professional Development, Yoga, and Therapeutic Art. HALO also offered classes that will ultimately lead up to the 5th Annual Youth Fashion Show event, including a Cosmetology class taught by Paul Mitchell the School, Sewing and Fashion Design taught by local designer Whitney Manney, and Intro to Dance taught by Hannah Atwell of Point B Dance. Scroll through the pictures below for a behind-the-scenes peek at a few of these classes!
Wrapping up our Summer Semester means that HALO-KC’s 5th Annual Youth Fashion Show is just around the corner! HALO youth in many of our Summer Semester classes have been working very hard to prepare a fun and unique look to show off at the Fashion Show, a look that is inspired by the Fashion Show’s slogan – Be YOUtiful, Be YOUnique, Be YOU! The Fashion Show gives our youth a unique opportunity to express themselves in very creative ways, as well as a chance to learn about and celebrate inner beauty.
Join us at the Terrace on Grand on August 6th to support and celebrate our youth as they express their individuality, creativity, and personal style. To purchase tickets or see more information about sponsoring one of our youth, visit!
For more information on how you can make the dream of a HALO youth come true, visit our website at or like us on Facebook!
One youth styling the hair on a fake head in our Cosmetology class!
A HALO youth working hard and creating her own unique look on a mannequin!
A quick peek at Intro to Dance, taught by Hannah Atwell of Point B Dance.
One youth's inspiration for their Fashion Show look - created in our Sewing and Fashion Design class!
SEW1 (1)
One youth hard at work, creating a unique runway look!
An elaborate sketch of one youth's ideas!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

HALO-KC's 5th Annual Youth Fashion Show!

August is drawing nearer, and that means the HALO-KC’s 5th Annual Youth Fashion Show is coming soon!
HALO youth have been working very hard on their outfits for the fashion show! The youth in our Sewing and Design class have been dedicated to creating their own fun and unique looks, inspired by the Fashion Show’s slogan – Be Youtiful, Be Younique, Be YOU! They are very excited to show off their creations, and we can’t wait for you to see the finished projects. To see the progress some youth have already made on their outfits, scroll through the pictures below!
Attending the Fashion Show is an excellent way to show your support for our youth as they express themselves and their individuality. The Fashion Show is a great opportunity to see personal style and expression, in addition to celebrating inner beauty and giving the youth a confidence boost! Don’t miss out on this chance to celebrate and support our youth!
The HALO Center’s 5th Annual Fashion Show takes place at the Terrace on Grand on August 6th. Visit to purchase tickets! This site also provides an exciting opportunity to sponsor a youth’s outfit. This means that for an extra $20, you could help a HALO youth purchase the materials necessary to create their Fashion Show outfit!
For more information on how you can make the dream of a HALO youth come true, visit our website at or like us on Facebook!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mock Interview Night!

One very important and exciting part of HALO’s Summer Programming has been the third installment of our Professional Development class.
This course is aimed at youth that are looking for guidance on achieving personal and professional goals. Many professional topics are covered, including resume building, workplace etiquette, and interview skills! This course provides youth with a fantastic opportunity to receive extra guidance in their personal and professional goals, plus a chance to form connections with established business members of the community.
Recently, youth were able to take part in our “Mock Interview Night,” pictured below. The youth participated in multiple practice interviews with local professionals, learning to work through their nerves and even receiving feedback from the experts. Each youth that participated expressed that they felt more confident about facing REAL interviewers.
Some of the questions the youth were asked were, “Why do you want to work for this company?” “Describe a time when you had to problem-solve on your feet,” and, “What would you say your greatest strength/weakness is?” The youth were also asked to work on their “40 seconds of me” pitch – how they would tell about themselves in forty seconds or less if asked by the interviewer.
The youth were happy to have the practice and the expert advice, and HALO staff are excited to see the youth learning and practicing such important skills!
For more information on how you can make the dream of a HALO youth come true, visit our website at or like us on Facebook!
interview1 (1)interview2 (1)interview4interview3

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wrapping Up "Perseverance!"

July has arrived, which means it's time to wrap up our June life skill - Perseverance!
To finish out this life skill, youth in one art workshop created a Sculpture Museum. Each youth was given a random bag of assorted materials, and had to create a sculpture using only those materials. Youth realized they would need to be able to persevere while creating their sculptures, whether it be in coming up with an idea or finding a way to incorporate all of the items in their bags. At the end of the workshop, youth put their sculptures on display and moved around the room to look at all the other sculptures - creating a very interesting Sculpture Museum!
Youth were excited at the idea of creating something out of nothing, and they learned the importance of persevering even when a project becomes difficult!
“Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.” - Julie Andrews.
One youth working very hard to create a sculpture!
A very creative finished project!
A blue-themed addition to the "Sculpture Museum!"
One youth created this America-themed sculpture, complete with an eagle! Very creative!
A very pretty addition to our museum!
A very, very creative sculpture made to look like a boat - complete with anchor!