Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mock Interview Night!

One very important and exciting part of HALO’s Summer Programming has been the third installment of our Professional Development class.
This course is aimed at youth that are looking for guidance on achieving personal and professional goals. Many professional topics are covered, including resume building, workplace etiquette, and interview skills! This course provides youth with a fantastic opportunity to receive extra guidance in their personal and professional goals, plus a chance to form connections with established business members of the community.
Recently, youth were able to take part in our “Mock Interview Night,” pictured below. The youth participated in multiple practice interviews with local professionals, learning to work through their nerves and even receiving feedback from the experts. Each youth that participated expressed that they felt more confident about facing REAL interviewers.
Some of the questions the youth were asked were, “Why do you want to work for this company?” “Describe a time when you had to problem-solve on your feet,” and, “What would you say your greatest strength/weakness is?” The youth were also asked to work on their “40 seconds of me” pitch – how they would tell about themselves in forty seconds or less if asked by the interviewer.
The youth were happy to have the practice and the expert advice, and HALO staff are excited to see the youth learning and practicing such important skills!
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