Wednesday, May 28, 2014

HALO Youth at Spofford Home Enjoy Magic Show!

Last week the youth at  Spofford Home got the surprise of a special HALO event- Reggie Regg the Magic Man!  Reggie, from H3TV, came and performed magic tricks with a motivational message.  He even brought a bird and a bunny for the kids to pet! Reggie spoke about the value of saving money, education, and respecting teachers and peers. 

Check out these great photos from the event and like us on Facebook for more photos and updates on HALO programming.  

photo 1-1

photo 2-1

photo 2

photo 3-1

photo 4

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Team Focus!

As May marches on, HALO youth continue to practice our monthly life skill, focus. This week, the youth had a chance to focus their efforts in team challenge situations! Teams raced each other (and the clock!) to build the tallest tower and longest bridge with a surprise bag of random building materials - straws and toothpicks, anyone? 

Check out these fun photos of our HALO youth practicing teamwork and creative thinking while exercising their focus muscles! And for more fun photos and updates, be sure to like The HALO Learning Center on Facebook! 

Team 1 races the clock to complete their bridge.

Team 2 begins construction on their bridge.

Team 3 tests out the length of their bridge. Will it stand on its own?

Team 2 moves to the floor in hopes that their tower will reach the ceiling!

Team 4 admires the height of their tower, so far.

Team 3 has a plan to get their bridge to stand!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

HALO Youth Create Tables For KC Bier Co.

During a recent Woodworking Workshop, HALO youth collaborated with KC Bier Co. and built tables and benches for the new local restaurant with the assistance of the woodworking volunteers. After months of hard work, determination, and dedication, the group got to see their completed work in the restaurant. HALO youth were invited for a tour of the restaurant and enjoyed soda and pretzels while sitting on the very benches they created. We are proud to see the local youth using their skills to contribute to their community. Be sure to stop by KC Bier Co. and check out the HALO tables. Look under the tables for the HALO logo!

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HALO tables 2-1
Tables and benches made by HALO youth.

A HALO youth proudly sits at a table with HALO volunteers and staff.
The group enjoyed pretzels and soda while sitting at the tables.
The group listens during a tour.