Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Styro-Focus Printmaking!

To practice May’s life skill, Focus, HALO youth tried an art form that takes a lot of focus – Printmaking!
For this project, “Styro-focus Printmaking” involved carving words or an image into a Styrofoam plate using a dull pencil. After the image is carved, youth brush paint on their plate and then press it onto colorful paper to make their print! This project required plenty of patience, diligence, and focus. Youth also have to really focus if they want to carve words into their plate, because the words have to be written backwards in order to show up correctly once printed. Printmaking is great for making multiples of a design, so youth were also able to rinse the plate and try out new colors of paint or paper and create a colorful variety of artwork. The youth loved being able to make lots of prints in a short amount of time.
This project required a lot of focus in the beginning, but the youth grew more confident as they realized they were mastering such a difficult art medium. Many youth even expressed excitement about covering their walls with their multitude of colorful prints! This was a very fun way and creative way for the youth to practice an important life skill!
“A clear and focused mind will last a lifetime. Getting your mind in shape is nothing less than the key to sustainable success in the world.” – Russell Simmons
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A carved and painted image on a Styrofoam plate.
A work in progress!
The very lovely finished product.
“Love” and “cherish” are powerful words used in this youth’s artwork.
A creative and colorful product of one youth’s focus and hard work!
It is always nice to see youth expressing their love for HALO.
This youth has taken this opportunity to send a powerful message: “Always forgive.”

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

2015 Scholarship Winners!

The HALO Learning Center is excited to announce two scholarship winners for 2015! Through HALO-KC's partnership with the Kansas City Securities Association, local HALO youth are eligible to apply for their Education Fund scholarship in the spring of each year. The scholarship is applicable for youth from seven local organizations, including the HALO Learning Center. Recipients are decided by a number of factors, including academic merit, financial need, community involvement and citizenship.
Out of over 80 applicants this year, and 10 recipients, HALO had two girls, Jameshia and Shelzaray, win the scholarship! Jameshia is interested in attending Lincoln University this fall with an interest in ROTC and Aviation. Shelzaray will be attending Kansas City Kansas Community College with a focus on Early Childhood Development. Both girls have been involved in the HALO Learning Center for over two years, and were ecstatic to receive this $18,000 scholarship.
One of HALO's previous scholarship recipients, Tiana, was also invited to attend the scholarship awards banquet due to her numerous achievements in her first year of college this past year. HALO Center staff were thrilled to have three of their scholarship winners together for a magical evening.
Through the generosity of KCSA, these HALO youth will be able to pursue their dreams for the future! Thank you to everyone at KCSA who made this possible.
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(from left) HALO Center Facilitator Aubony Chalfant, 2014 scholarship recipient Tiana, 2015 scholarship recipient Jameshia, 2015 scholarship recipient Shelzaray, HALO Center Director Carly Manijak, HALO Foundation Program Director Lacy Voight
Past winner and present winners Jameshia and Shelzaray at the awards banquet
                       HALO Center staff and past winner Tiana get cozy at the awards banquet!
2015 recipients Jameshia and Shelzaray moments after receiving their honorary plaques.
2015 recipient Jameshia with HALO Foundation Program Director Lacy Voight, who also happens to be Jameshia's Big Sister through BBBS of KC. The pair have been matched for over seven years!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Character Mobiles!

Last week, the HALO Learning Center was asked to do a guest art workshop at Synergy’s Youth Resilience Center.
Learning Center staff worked with youth ages 10-18 on Character Mobiles! This was a fun and creative 3-D project for the youth, but they also had to think of qualities of a good character and list these on the mobiles. The youth were very excited to have something to hang in their rooms. HALO staff are happy that the youth have something to help them remember the traits of a good character!
“Character is, in the long run, the decisive factor in the life of individuals and of nations alike.” – Theodore Roosevelt.
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One youth has correctly expressed that being respectful is an important part of having a good character.
This youth understands the importance of being intelligent and caring.
A fun and beneficial decoration that will look wonderful in this youth's room.
One mobile as it's being created, showing several traits that are important to its creator.
Kindness, resilience, and hopefulness are some powerful and important traits expressed here.
Creative minds at work.
The beginning stages of a very fun project.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Money Management and a Meal

Throughout the month of April, The HALO Learning Center in Kansas City has been partnering with Catholic Charities for one of their Money Management classes.
Every Monday evening during April, Catholic Charities came to The HALO Learning Center to talk to our teenage HALO youth about managing their money. The youth learned about everything from making good choices with money to credit cards. Catholic Charities even provided dinner for the youth each night, and offered gift cards as incentives for completing financial goals!
A big, big thank you to Catholic Charities for providing HALO youth with such a wonderful opportunity! For more information on how you can help HALO youth, visit our website at or like us on Facebook!
          One teenage HALO youth writing down questions regarding money.
        Catholic Charities answering questions about money for the youth.
          A list of topics HALO youth would like to know more about.
Youth collaborating in an open activity to write down everything they know about money.
                Youth create a list of questions about money management.
              A list of things this youth already knows regarding money.