Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Money Management and a Meal

Throughout the month of April, The HALO Learning Center in Kansas City has been partnering with Catholic Charities for one of their Money Management classes.
Every Monday evening during April, Catholic Charities came to The HALO Learning Center to talk to our teenage HALO youth about managing their money. The youth learned about everything from making good choices with money to credit cards. Catholic Charities even provided dinner for the youth each night, and offered gift cards as incentives for completing financial goals!
A big, big thank you to Catholic Charities for providing HALO youth with such a wonderful opportunity! For more information on how you can help HALO youth, visit our website at or like us on Facebook!
          One teenage HALO youth writing down questions regarding money.
        Catholic Charities answering questions about money for the youth.
          A list of topics HALO youth would like to know more about.
Youth collaborating in an open activity to write down everything they know about money.
                Youth create a list of questions about money management.
              A list of things this youth already knows regarding money.

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