Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April's Wrap-Up!

This week, our HALO youth are wrapping up April’s life skill – Time-Management!
To practice Time-Management skills, all HALO youth (ages 5-18) tried out a Popsicle stick Mosaic art project. This was a fun and creative way to learn and exhibit this important life skill.
For this project, the youth were given a certain time frame to decorate as many Popsicle sticks as they could. These Popsicle sticks could then be put together to create either a personal or group mosaic. Many of the younger groups chose to create their own personal mosaic, but one teenage group chose to collaborate and create a larger mosaic.
Time-Management is an important skill, and HALO’s youth certainly enjoyed the opportunity to practice it in such creative way.
“Time is the only commodity that is irreplaceable: invest it, share it, spend it...but never waste it.” ― Tracy Sherwood
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                              A teenage group's collaborative mosaic!
                    Such creative designs! "Bright and Exuberant" indeed!
           A colorful section of a collaborative mosaic, featuring one youth's message: "I love HALO!"
                              Amidst all the color, there is a simple yet powerful message: "Hope."
A younger HALO youth's mosaic creation.
This youth certainly must have used Time-Management when creating this mosaic.
                                              How creative and colorful!
popsicle1 (1)
                               One youth's creative individual mosaic.

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