Wednesday, April 8, 2015

An Honored HALO Youth!

Our HALO youth Tiana is one of our KCSA Scholarship winners from last year, and has been excelling in her first year of college at Longview. Because her GPA has been above a 3.5 level, she was invited to join Phi Theta Kappa, an international academic honors society. Phi Theta Kappa offers unique opportunities for scholarships, honors studies, leadership development, and civic engagement. This is a very special achievement, and the HALO Learning Center - KC couldn't be more proud of all of her hard work to achieve this high honor. Tiana invited Learning Center Director, Carly Manijak, and Learning Center Facilitator, Aubony Chalfant, to attend her Induction Ceremony at the college, and they were thrilled to cheer her on.
Everyone at the HALO Learning Center - KC can't wait to see what other amazing things Tiana does next!
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Tiana, Aubony, and Carly are thrilled to celebrate all of Tiana's amazing achievements.
Tiana reciting the Phi Theta Kappa oath, officially finishing the ceremony and becoming a member!
Tiana signing the Phi Theta Kappa roster, officially recognizing her as an inductee.

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