Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Things and New Worlds

The HALO Learning Center--KC had an exciting and new adventure to the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Studio for some innovative career exploration.
Lead by STEAM Studio developers, Dr. Mandi Sonnenberg of Rockhurst University and David Reid of Gould Evans, HALO youth were able to learn about coding and video game programming, architecture, and interior design. Some Youth worked on creating a new video game, some worked on designing their "dream space," but all Youth got a fun and neat experience to learn how creativity and art can be found wherever life takes you--even in science and math!
Gould Evans and the HALO Learning Center--KC have done some cool activities in the past, and the projects at the STEAM studio were no different. Not just the youth had a great time, too! Gould Evans architect and longtime HALO volunteer Grace Phillipp loved her time in the STEAM studio: "I always enjoy working with HALO, because the kids have so many experiences that I didn't have at that age and their views and experiences of the world are quite different from my own.  Getting to share how we think about design and architecture felt like opening them up (as brief as it was) to another tool for their toolkit.  It was really a treat to see their imaginations run and discover how 'dope' a space could be."
The HALO Learning Center--KC had a wonderful, eye-opening experience at the STEAM studio. Everyone had a great time to learn from each other and connect through design and coding. The Youth had a great time learning from the STEAM studio and and Gould Evans, just as Gould Evans and the STEAM studio had a great time learning from the Youth.
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Gould Evans employees help HALO youth map out their "Dream Space" like real architects!
Gould Evans employee helping HALO youth design her "Dream Space"
Guidelines for the "Dream Space" project led by Gould Evans. HALO Youth got to design their own special "dream room" that they would make themselves.
Gould Evans Principal David Reid explains the "Dream Space" project to the youth.
STEAM Studio volunteer helps HALO youth code his Frozen video game.
STEAM Studio volunteer helps HALO youth code and program a personalized video game.
STEAM Studio volunteer helps HALO youth code and program a personalized video game.

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