Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Youth Art Blog: Self-Respect Self-Portraits

July’s theme is Respect!  Throughout the month we’ll be working on everything from self-respect to environmental respect to respect for others. 

We kicked off our art workshop by talking a little bit about self-respect and then we did Andy Warhol-inspired self-portraits in order to help ourselves focus on our positive qualities.  The process for the Andy Warhol-Inspired Self-Portraits were pretty time intensive, but the youth were awesome sports.  First, we took photos of the youth from the shoulders up.  Second, we asked the youth to trace their photo using parchment paper.  Third, the youth transferred their tracings onto white construction paper.  And fourth, the youth were able to color in their drawings with the medium of their choice.  Although most of the youth weren’t able to finish the project in the hour and a half long workshop, we still came out with some pretty neat products!  

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