Wednesday, June 25, 2014

HALO is a Hit at Operation Breakthrough!

This summer, HALO volunteers have been spending time at Operation Breakthrough on Tuesday evenings.  HALO is many of the youth's last stop of the day before they head home.  Though they have been busy with activities all day, the youth are always excited to make some art with HALO.  Often the kids get so into their projects they do not want to go home until they finish!  Last week, the youth made Confidence Crowns.  HALO volunteers brought strips of fabric and items like feathers, beads, and glitter to decorate them.  The youth were instructed to decorate the crowns in a way that symbolized specific traits they possess that make them feel confident.  Many of the youth got extra creative and turned sheets of tissue paper HALO brought into confidence capes as well!  Next week, youth will think of an aspiration they have and draw it on the sidewalks outside Operation Breakthrough with chalk.  Each youth's illustration will combine to create a Dream Mural.  HALO volunteers look forward to helping the youth realize their dreams next week!

Below are some photos of summer programming so far at Operation Breakthrough.  Be sure to check back every Wednesday for more exciting summer updates and like us on Facebook!


HALO's example of a confidence crown. She likes that she smiles, makes people feel good about themselves (gold sparkle), and has red hair. 

photo 2

This youth likes that he plays basketball and likes snakes. 

photo 4

She loved using glitter!

photo 3

Figuring out where to place her feathers. 

photo 1

This youth loved HALO's example and decided to recreate it in her own way!

photo-6 copy

This picture was drawn at HALO's first summer workshop at Operation Breakthrough.

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