Wednesday, June 4, 2014

HALO Youth Begin Art Project to be Finished by Gulu Girls' Home in Uganda!

Last week, local nursing students and educators assisted HALO youth in working on a double sided art project that they would take on their upcoming trip to HALO's Gulu Girls' Home in Uganda. HALO youth decorated one side of a pinwheel that the nursing professionals will then take on their medical mission to Uganda for the Gulu girls to finish.  The theme of the pinwheels was future goals or messages that the HALO youth wanted to tell to the girls in Uganda.  Once the Gulu girls finish the pinwheels they will send pictures back to our local youth so they can see the finished product. HALO youth were excited to be a part of HALO's international mission and to create something for our youth in Uganda!  

Check out these great photos of the first phase of the project.  To learn more about HALO's international programs go to or like us on Facebook for more updates! 


This youth's messages to the Gulu girls are "Partnership, Importance, Love and Loyalty, and Mature Each Other".


This youth made a nature-themed pinwheel.


This pinwheel says, "Create".


This pinwheel says, "Be Passionate, Find Motivation, Love, and Be Creative".


HALO youth and volunteers work on their pinwheels. 


This HALO youth wanted to teach the Gulu Girls about KU basketball. 


Colorful pinwheels!


A volunteer helps a youth put together his pinwheel. 


A finished pinwheel. 

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