Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Paul Mitchell Professionals Instruct Cosmetology Class.

Last Thursday, the HALO Learning Center was chock-full of confidence! A Paul Mitchell Learning Leader and three Future Paul Mitchell Professionals came to the Learning Center to instruct HALO’s weekly cosmetology class. Since this was their first day, they used the time to communicate to the youth in the class what confidence means to them. First, they showed this video created by Dove. After that, each member of the Paul Mitchell team shared a personal story that illustrates the hardships they have faced in life.  These stories were inspiring to the youth in the class. After telling their personal stories, they gave the youth tips on how to stay confident in daily life. Their favorite way to stay confident is to have positive self talk.  An example of this positive self talk is thinking, "I am awesome! I will conquer this day".  The Learning Leader brought a poster that showed the connection between how thoughts influence behavior and feelings. The four also promoted the use of personal affirmations that the youth should write out and keep somewhere to look at every once and awhile. Each made sure to communicate to the youth they should be a “first rate version of themselves, not a second rate of someone else”!

Below are some great photos of the workshop. Check back every Wednesday for updates on summer workshops, and be sure to  visit and like us on Facebook!


Future Professionals explain how thoughts influence behavior and feelings.


A youth works on her positive affirmations!


Youth work on letters to themselves they will open sometime in the future. 


HALO youth cut pictures out of magazines to add to their letters.


The Paul Mitchell Learning Leader speaking about confidence to the youth. 

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