Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monday Night is HALO NIght at reStart!

This summer, HALO volunteers have been spending Monday evenings at reStart doing art with the youth. Last week, youth at reStart made Perseverance Mobiles. They brainstormed a major goal and wrote it on a piece of paper attached to a hanger. Next, the youth thought of the steps they will need to take to achieve their goal. They hung these from the hanger, making a mobile! This helped the kids at reStart realize reaching goals takes perseverance. To kick off the month of July, this week youth at reStart made a Respect Puzzle. This was perfect because July's life skill is respect. Each of the youth got two puzzle pieces to decorate with respect in mind. The youth focused on the environment, individuals they respect, and how they like to be respected. After making their pieces, the youth put them together to form a huge respect puzzle! This helped the youth work on respecting each other, because they all respected different things.

Here are some lovely photos from HALO workshops at reStart this summer. Be sure to like us on Facebook and visit www.haloworldwide.org for more information on summer programming!

photo 2-1

This youth wants to be better at sports.

photo 5 
HALO volunteers working with the youth on their mobiles.

photo 4-1 
This youth wants "to read a million books" and "go to college".

photo 3-1 
This youth was having fun in some sunglasses!

photo 1-2 
She is working on putting her goal into words.

photo 2 
The finished Respect Puzzle!

photo 3 
This boy is helping a volunteer put together the puzzle.

photo 1-1

Youth working on their puzzle pieces.

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