Wednesday, July 9, 2014

HALO Finishes off June With Perseverance Mosaics

The last week of June at the HALO Learning Center was spent making mosaics that promoted June's lifeskill of perseverance.  Youth colored in pictures and then were instructed to rip them up.  After ripping them up, the youth used the pieces to make a mosaic.  This illustrated through art that even when something seems to be destroyed, it can be put back together into something even more beautiful.  This week, HALO youth, staff and volunteers are hard at work getting ready for the fashion show on August 8th. We hope to see you there!

Here are some photos of June's perseverance mosaics.  Be sure to like us on Facebook and visit for more information about summer programming and the fashion show!

photo 3-1

This youth drew geometric patterns and then made a mosaic once they were cut out.

photo 2-1

This youth made a house after her mosaic was cut out. 

photo 1-3

This youth made an ocean scene.

photo 4

A beautiful and creative design.

photo 3

This youth included, "don't give up" in his mosaic. 

photo 2

Beautiful boxes!

photo 1-2

HALO in mosaics!

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