Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Youth Art Blog: Living in Color

The Learning Center is so full of color lately!  From our beautiful makeover to a fun color theory class from our Cosmetology instructor, HALO has been vibrant, bright, and full of smiles and laughter.

Last Tuesday, our youth enrolled in the cosmetology workshop were able to have tons of fun creating projects based on color theory.  Our instructor took some time to explain the consequences of using the wrong dye in someone's hair (green hair, anyone?) and then helped us learn more about picking the right color!  The lesson had two parts: first, each youth was given a color wheel worksheet and asked to use finger paints to combine primary colors to create secondary and tertiary colors.  There's nothing more fun than finger painting!  Then, after the youth understood how to make complementary color combinations, they were given a canvas, a bunch of crayons, and a blow dryer to make a beautiful piece of crayon art.  Color theory was incredibly important to make sure that our art didn't turn brown!

After the youth finished, they were able to take home a beautiful piece of art along with some useful knowledge about hair dye, complementary colors, and the importance of trying new things!

If you're interested in helping provide supplies for workshops just like this one, please check out our revamped page and take a look at our Donation Wish List!  For more information, email Carly Manijak at

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