Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Youth Art Blog: A Group Quilt and Some Perseverance

Last week in the Learning Center we had two art workshops that focused on June’s theme: perseverance.  We asked each youth to think of two situations: a struggle that he or she is currently facing and what it would look like when he or she overcame that struggle.  Then each youth illustrated their challenge and their future success on two separate pieces of construction paper, using any medium they wanted.  Finally, we taped each of their creations up on the wall to create a “quilt” that showed how each of us is united by our challenges and successes.  It was so inspiring to watch youth of all ages create this project, whether it was through concrete depictions or abstract conceptions.  Take a look at HALO Workshop to view the lesson plan or keep scrolling to view youth artwork!

Struggle: "Allergies"
Success: Loving the outdoors!

Struggle: "Over-protective"
Success: "Trusting"

Struggle Unknown (but still super cool looking!)
Struggle: "Work on Anger"

Success: "Get a Job (and take new girlfriend on a date)"


Success: "Lov"

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