Thursday, March 22, 2012

reStart Art Room Makeover: Before & After Pics

Be the change you wish to see in this world.” 

Mahatma Gandhi taught us to fight for what we believe in and to make the changes we wish to see in our lives. It is with this inspiration that HALO Center volunteers and youth jumped at an opportunity to make a change that hit very close to home.

Youth and volunteers spent a combined total of 140 hours this past week working diligently to make-over the art room at reStart, Inc.  Below is a before picture.

First, the team focused on wiping down the walls to get rid of any dust or dirt that may interfere with repainting the walls.

30 youth and 15 HALO volunteers hit it hard painting the ceiling yellow like the sun…

… one wall light blue like the sky…

…and the other three a vibrant bright HALO Center blue to create an environment of creativity and inspiration.

After a week of dedication, some volunteers and youth show their excitement at the success of their hard work.

Lights and art work were hung…

…as well as framed photos of the youth…

…to honor the week’s worth of service in a special reception where parents and reStart staff were invited to see the unveiling of the new and improved art room.

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  1. The art room looks and feels great! It is a space that makes you want to create and explore! Many thanks for all the volunteers who helped, what a week! This is going to be a great resource for everyone at ReStart. A place where kids can be kids, where imagination is validated and dreams are discovered! I cant wait to get creatin' !!!