Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Lucky Charm

Throughout the entirety of The HALO Foundation - from staff in Kansas City, to volunteers in Portland, to youth in Uganda - we will now be focusing on monthly themes, designed to help all learn and grow together. March's theme is Accountability. 

Our team of Short Term Program Volunteers dedicated to reStart’s Youth Emergency Shelter, Andrew Stanley, Samantha Neal, Sam Gabbert and Patrick Smith put their heads together and came up with an extremely creative take on accountability to implement with the youth. March’s unit of workshops for reStart’s Youth Emergency Shelter includes making lucky charm key chains, dream catchers, personal postcards and dream jars. Each project embodies accountability as the youth create pieces that allow them to share their goals with each other, with HALO Center volunteers, with family and friends and with reStart staff. Each project serves as a reminder of what we are working toward and becomes our own personal accountability measure.

Tonight’s workshop was to create lucky charm key chains. Goals or aspirations were written down on paper. Youth used clay to mold their lucky charm and put their goal inside. Paper clips helped to hook the lucky charm to the key chain ring and, whola!, a personal accountability lucky charm. Attach to book bag, keys, belt loop, etc. to be consistently reminded of your dreams.

A rocket lucky charm drying. 

How do you hold yourself accountable? Post your answer on our Facebook wall.

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