Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time to be thankful!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we find ourselves reflecting upon the last year. In The Center, we have many things to be thankful for!

We are thankful for…
·  Sport + Spine, out of Overland Park, for sponsoring our Holiday Gift project. Every day, Center youth ask if they can take art supplies home. They love to create and want the opportunity to continue HALO Center projects at home. Because of Sport + Spine, we will be able to provide each HALO Center youth a ‘portable HALO’ holiday gift (markers, crayons, colored pencils, water color paint, paint brushes, and a pad of paper).
·  The Yards Athletic Club, Mid America Arts Alliance, Ali Saucier’s Holiday Party, and Cassie Marshall’s daughter’s 10 year old birthday party for hosting art supply drives to help us rejuvenate our current inventory.
·  Reach, spoken word and hip hop artist, leading our first HALO Center Apprenticeship with Monte. You should mark your calendars for February 25th – on this day, Monte will be headlining his first ever hip hop performance.
· The 222 HALO Center volunteers that have helped us host 157 workshops which have served 309 at-risk youth in our community since opening The Center in April of 2010.
· The numerous generous HALO Center supporters who have donated sewing machines, sewing supplies, art supplies, computers, a drafting table, wood, tools, food, frames and much more.
· 3 incredible HALO Center Interns that have helped us expand our programming to more fully reach our mission.
· The support and guidance of Rebecca Welsh – HALO’s Founder and CVO, Lacy Voight – Program Director and Nicole Gerken – Operations Director.
· The HALO Center’s Dream Team and HALO’s Ambassador Board members who have helped recruit workshop hosts and HALO Center volunteers.

We are thankful for all of you! With your help and support:
·  Master inspired his peers with a super-hero jump declaring he will help youth worldwide.
· Kayondez, whom was the most reluctant at the beginning of the ‘decorate shoes for HALO supported youth in Mexico’ project, was the first to shout that all money made from the art gallery showing should be donated to Mexico.
· DeShawn has been so engaged that she take projects home to work on.
· Austin is so excited to come to The HALO Center, he is always the first into The Center because he runs full speed from the van.
· Veronika has won the ‘Leadership Award’ for always helping and standing up for younger youth and the ‘Most Dedicated Award’ for working out her schedule so that she can still attend HALO Center programming even though she graduated from her agency.
· Amyah is so excited for our Jr. Apprenticeship program to begin shadowing doctors since she isn’t quite old enough for our Apprenticeship program.
· Jared frequently suggests that each workshop should last all night long, rather than for just 2 hours.
·  Marjai, at 10 years old, is serving as our first ever Jr. Volunteer to help guide our younger youth through each project.
· And, Monte will headline his first hip hop performance in February 2012.

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