Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wrapping Up "Focus!"

To wrap up May’s life skill, Focus, HALO youth were challenged to flex their Focus muscles by participating in different activities and art projects.
First, HALO youth and volunteers were paired up, assigned a picture, and asked to take turns giving each other directions on how to draw the picture. But, there was a catch – the person drawing couldn’t see what the picture was, and the person giving directions couldn’t tell them! Youth and volunteers had to focus on listening to their partner and on the instructions they were being given.
The next challenge involved two teams racing to build a pyramid of cups. This had to be done without using their hands – they could only use two pencils! This challenge took A LOT of focus while the teams cheered or jeered for one another.
The final activity took a look at focusing inward. This involved a focus on how things make you feel or what they make you think. To do this, youth were played a few different songs without words. They were then asked to express any thoughts or feelings inspired by the music through writing or drawing. This took quiet time and a focus on their own reactions, plus plenty of focus on how to put their feelings into an image.
Overall, youth were able to flex their focus muscles in multiple ways, and it was a great end to our May life skill. Scroll through the pictures to take a look!
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Youth and volunteers paired up and focusing on the first activity!
One HALO youth deep in thought and flexing those Focus muscles!
A very powerful representation of how a song made one youth feel.
A product of one youth's time and focus.
Another powerful image created by a HALO youth's inward focus.
A HALO youth uses a very powerful word, "Peace," to express feelings inspired by a song.
A youth's visual representation of feelings inspired by a song.
A lot of powerful and important ideas are expressed here!

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