Wednesday, September 10, 2014

HALO Youth Explore September's Life Skill - Integrity!

September means talking about integrity here in the HALO Learning Center, and youth have been creating art projects to show what integrity means to them. To facilitate this discussion, youth created "Integrity Comics" and "Integrity Superheroes" to show how integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching - just like superheroes!

Scroll down to read through the adventures of "Integrity Man" and see more artistic interpretations of integrity!
Integrity Man "is always willing to help people before himself". - HALO youth, age 15. 

"For ex.: When an elderly person fell, Integrity Man helped her and took her to her destination".                        HALO youth, age  9

More aspects of Integrity Man according to one HALO youth.

A good example of integrity in this comic strip! 

"Every time Integrity Man hears an kid say I want to be just like you or your my inspiration he smiles and watches over them at night". - HALO youth, age 9

How this HALO youth plans to practice integrity in her daily life.
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