Wednesday, April 23, 2014

HALO Youth Practice Time Management

April’s life skill is time management and HALO youth have been exploring positive ways to spend their time all month. We believe time management is an important skill for HALO youth to consider as they work towards reaching all of their goals and aspirations. HALO youth created collages illustrating how they wanted to spend their time and made a contrasting collage, which illustrated what they do not want to do with their time. HALO youth also completed partner projects and managed their time as they worked within a deadline. We love hearing the youth explain why time management is important during the workshops and are excited they have developed some tools to help them manage their time!

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photo 2
One HALO youth wants to spend their time focusing on sports.
photo 3
We love the text in this positive time collage.
photo 4
One HALO youth reflected on negative uses of her time.
photo 5
A positive time collage.
photo 1
Partner art by HALO youth.
photo 2
HALO youth participated in a scavenger hunt and then worked together to create a positive illustration.
photo 3
HALO youth worked together to create a unique design.

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