Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Guest Youth Blogger - Tania!

The following is a Q & A session with one of our superstar HALO youth - Tania!

My name is....Tania a.k.a. Daisheeki

I've been coming to HALO for...2 months.

My favorite thing about HALO is...the projects we do, the events we go to, the staff, EVERYTHING!

My blog is about...ME!

When was a time that I was proud of myself?  When I won my school's talent show.

What is something awesome that's happened to me?  I became more confident about myself.

What are my best talents?  Dancing, rapping, joking, running, singing.

What are my biggest dreams?  Becoming a model.

What's the most important life lesson that I've learned?  To always have confidence.

What's my favorite memory?  Being able to meet MB & Wiz Khalifa!

What hobbies do I love?  DANCING!

If I got to teach a lesson at school, what would I teach?  Language Arts.

If I were famous, what would I be famous for?  DANCING, BEING AWESOME!

Who are my biggest supporters?  mom, granny, aunt, cousins, friends

When was the last time I tried something new? What was it like? I tried sushi. AWESOME!

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