Friday, December 21, 2012

Just Keep Going

The HALO Center is honored to turn its blog writing pen over to HALO Center youth, Esther...

"Hey everyone, my name is Esther Mayobo. The name Esther means start in Persian and to Christians it is the name of a queen in the bible who saved thousands of people from being killed. To me my name means hard working, creative, loving, kind, generous, talented and forgiving. I was raised to treat everyone the way I would like to be treated and treat my elders with respect. I have always done the right thing but hard times have always seemed to love to creep in and make things hard for my family and I. We became homeless last year on October 1 2012. I remember this day because my cousin died on the same day. To be honest being Christian I felt for a very long time like god was punishing my family. "How could all these bad things be happening to us, they must be for some reason," is what I constantly thought. What gave me hope and kept my faith in god going was Halo. When I decided to do Halo at the Restart center(homeless shelter I lived at) I meet Chelsea and many Halo volunteers just like her who showed me that things do get really hard in life but the one thing you have to do is keep going. They were so kind and they dedicated there time helping kids like me and other kids around the world. I am glad to say as of December 13 2012, I no longer live at Restart, my family and I live in Orlando Florida because I have a performance coming up for talent scouts and producers who are looking for talented kids like me who are willing to work hard to follow their dreams. I'm hoping to get signed and start making albums and auditioning for big roles in movies and T.V. shows ASAP! I want to thank Halo for helping me get ready for this performance by encouraging me and letting me perform at Dance for change to get used to performing in front of a crowd of people."
Esther performing at HALO's 2nd Annual Dance for Change.

Esther is an incredible young woman with a bright future; HALO is honored to have been involved in her life. We challenge you to "keep going" just like Esther, it's amazing what wonderful opportunities lie ahead!

Surrounded by HALO fans after he performance.

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