Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Volunteer Spotlight - Martin Ratterman

Volunteer Spotlight

This week we’d like to showcase one of our volunteer workshop hosts: Martin Ratterman.

Martin Ratterman lives near Colombia, Missouri where he works out of his own woodworking studio. Here he produces pieces of furniture that may as well be called works of art. Martin combines many types of wood to make rocking chairs, ottomans, work benches, and tables.

What makes Martin’s work even more remarkable is his story. Martin is a cancer survivor. After discovering that he had colon cancer and undergoing treatments and eight times the normal amount of chemotherapy, he is alive and recovering and giving back. Every month Martin lends his expertise to HALO Center members from reStart youth shelter on a Saturday morning.

For each Saturday workshop Martin hosts, he and his wife drive over 100 miles and spend the entire weekend in Kansas City. He brings all of his own materials for the planned workshop. Martin has also donated a tool cabinet as well as several tools for the youth to use at the Center.

Martin works extremely well with the youth. He teaches them lessons on patience, the importance of being precise, and how their lessons in woodworking can carry over into the real world. Over the course of three four hour workshops, Martin and the youth from reStart have built a work table for the HALO Center, a work bench, and have repaired broken chairs for the Center.

As a volunteer, Martin has gone above and beyond to meet our needs at the HALO Learning Center. We are so incredibly thankful for all that he has done and continues to do for the youth of Kansas City.

If you are interested in influencing youth in Kansas City and getting involved with the HALO Learning Center, please contact me at nataliekolega@haloworldwide.org.

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